Newly Discovered Organ Mesentery

Meet Mesentery – A Newly Discovered Human Organ

Researchers from Ireland discovered that a part of our digestive tract called the mesentery, long considered merely as a tissue connecting the abdomen to the intestine, is actually a full-blown body organ. The new classification is suspected to open up a whole new medical field and improve our understanding of gut diseases.

Science of gifting

The Science of Gifting

Ever wondered why we stand in unbearable queues just days before Christmas to get our loved ones that thing they always wanted? Unlikely as it may seem, it could be that we are unknowingly doing it to cheer ourselves up as well.


The Science Behind Procrastination

The social phenomenon of procrastination is steadily becoming a topic of increasing discussion in various fields of science. Although approaches for studying it differ greatly, researchers agree it is not doing our society any favors. But might unraveling its mysteries finally help us overcome it?

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