World-First Trial for Universal Flu Vaccine

The world’s first widespread human testing of a universal flu vaccine against influenza has begun in the UK. Rather than focusing on antibody production, the new vaccine stimulates the immune system to boost influenza-specific T-cells and aims to protect the elderly who are particularly susceptible.


What Web Browsers and Proteins Have in Common

One more piece of the protein puzzle was solved when researchers discovered molecular add-ons” that can customize protein interfaces. They represent a previously unknown fundamental driving principle which ensures that proteins interact in their own specific ways.


Researchers Developed a Molecule-Sorting DNA Nanorobot

Bioengineers from the Californian Institute of Technology developed DNA robots that can autonomously walk, sort, and work together – all at once. The robots are “programmed” to transport molecules into predetermined locations and may provide many intriguing applications in medicine and nanoengineering.

Chicago City Lights

Exposure to Artificial Light Linked to Cancer

Night shift work has been consistently associated with higher risk for cardiovascular disease, cancer, insomnia, depression and irritable bowel syndrome. Exposure to light at night is not only leaving scars on people’s well being but is affecting wildlife and entire ecosystems, it wastes energy, money and gives astronomers headaches.

Rice fields

Fighting Malnutrition with Multi-Nutrient Fortified Rice

Micronutrient deficiency is a global health problem that concerns nearly 2 billion people worldwide. Researchers developed a promising approach that could greatly improve the nutritional quality of agricultural crops, by modifying multiple nutritional traits in a single rice variety for the very first time.

Mantis shrimp

Are We Facing a New Era of Color Science?

Findings of an international team of 27 scientists implicate that we are on the threshold of a new era of color science that could have far-reaching impacts on the security industry, medicine, clothing design, military and understanding of animal and human behavior.