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IoT in lab

Connected Laboratory & the Role of IoT in Science

Science has grown by leaps and bounds in recent years. But another field has been trying to overshadow it with constant innovations and growth. This field was conceptualized in 1982 (1) but has since then become a complete reality. This new field has had an impact on almost anything mankind is still doing.

Known as the Internet of Things, IoT has completely changed the way most jobs are done nowadays. And science laboratories are no different.

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Artificial Intelligence Can Generate a Draft of Your Scientific Manuscript

Do you ever get that feeling that you would like to have a magic spell to organize all your data?

And once it is organized, wouldn’t it be magnificent if there would be a software that could put together all relevant data from your projects, add some new references and present you with a manuscript draft you can build upon?

INTERVIEW: Moving Blood Through a Modern Diagnostic Lab

Meet Dr. Pierre Blonski, Head of the Blood Analytical Platform at Ketterthill Labs, which is the biggest private laboratory in Luxemborough and handles over 6000 blood samples per day.

Pierre BlonskiMUKUNDH BALASUBRAMANIAN: Hello Splice readers. Happy New Year! Hope that you have had a good start to 2016.  This is Mukundh here from Luxembourg with Dr. Pierre Blonski, Head of the Blood Analytical Platform at Ketterthill Labs. We’re going to talk today about the journey of your blood samples in modern diagnostic labs and look at some future trends with Dr. Blonski. Hello Dr. Blonski!