Rosalind Franklin

The Untold Story of the Mother of DNA Helix

The discovery of the structure of DNA is known as one of the greatest discoveries in human history. It changed our perspective on human life forever, nevertheless one part of this magnificent story was left untold.

There is a common belief that the discovery of the double helix is credited, namely, to American molecular biologist James Watson and British biophysicist Francis Crick. However, it was actually Rosalind Franklin’s famous Photo 51 that inspired Watson and Crick to pursue the discovery of the structure of DNA. The famous photography was the first x-ray image of DNA and it took Franklin about 100 hours to produce it. Since the academic society was not very fond of women in science at that time, her scientific contributions have been vastly underplayed.

In our Splice Summer Edition, we are featuring the video “Rosalind Franklin: DNA’s unsung hero” where Cláudio L. Guerra shares the true story of the woman behind the helix. Enjoy!


Blazka Orel, MSc, BioSistemika LLC


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